Apple Removes Telegram From the App Store Due to ‘Inappropriate Content’ [Update: It’s Back!]


Apple has removed the Telegram messaging app from the iOS App Store due to “inappropriate content.” In addition to Telegram, Telegram X — an experimental version of the app with new features — was also removed from the App Store for the same reason.

Update: Both the standard Telegram app and the Telegram X app are back in the iOS App Stores, and can be downloaded again.

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It is unclear what “inappropriate content” Apple is talking about here and when the app will return to the App Store. Telegram’s CEO Pavel Durov said that Apple informed them of inappropriate content being made available to users through the app which is why it was taken down. Currently, search for Telegram on the App Store will lead to Skype, Viber, and other messaging apps being displayed in the results.

Given that Telegram is already aware of their app missing from the App Store, its likely that we will see the app make its return to the store within the next 24 hours. While not as popular as WhatsApp, Telegram is known for its focus on security and encryption which has made it the choice of privacy freaks and advanced users.

Do you think it is fair on Apple’s part to remove popular apps from the App Store without any prior warning to developers for any reason whatsoever? The company should have ideally informed the developers about the issue first and given them a day or two to solve the issue before taking it down.