Electra Jailbreak RC1 With Cydia For iOS 11 Will be Developer-Only Release

Cydia for iOS 11

Yesterday, we reported that coolstar had announced the release date for the much-awaited Cydia for iOS 11, which got us all very excited. 

Unfortunately, coolstar has tweeted that Electra jailbreak RC1, which will include Cydia for iOS 11 will be a developer-only release.

He has provided the following reason for delaying the release of Cydia for iOS 11 to the public:

Electra RC1 will be a limited release to developers only initially. It will be made available to the public once core 3rd-party packages are updated (E.g. Filza and RocketBootstrap)

As of right now, all packages from saurik’s repo and many 3rd party Cydia packages that depends on daemons are broken on iOS 11. Hence the initial developer-only release while we get electratools set up and let 3rd parties update.

coolstar has also reached out to jailbreak developers like Ryan Petrich, developer of popular jailbreak tweaks like Activator so the process can be expedited. I think it makes sense to release Cydia when packages from saurik’s repo and other 3rd party Cydia packages are available. Otherwise, it will end up frustrating jailbreakers. The developer release will give developers time to update the packages.

coolstar has also been sharing the progress on Twitter (1, 2)with screenshots of packages loading in Cydia, and also being able to install them.

coolstar hasn’t explicitly mentioned it but it probably means that Electra jailbreak with iOS 11 Cydia may not be released on February 15 to the public as planned.

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