Facebook Messenger Streamlines Adding People to Audio and Video Calls

Back in December of 2016, Facebook Messenger officially added the ability to add up to six people to a video or audio call within the app.

The process itself wasn’t necessarily very difficult out of the gate, but it looks like Facebook has decided to streamline the process anyway. Specifically, adding people to a call while you’re already in an audio or video call is getting easier. Up to this point, if you wanted to add new people to a call you needed to end it, then go back into your friend’s list and add people individually and start the call over.

Now, though, Facebook is adding a new “add person” icon when you’re in a video or audio call. This will populate the list of your friends, to which you will be able to quickly tap on each one you want to add (up to six), and then wait for them to join. You will no longer have to leave the call to get more folks in on the fun.

“In Messenger, you can chat with one person or a group of people. Currently, to turn a one-on-one video or audio chat into a group chat, you have to hang up, start a new conversation from your inbox – either by creating an entirely new message or by searching for an old one – and then turn that conversation into a call. But with this new feature, you can simply turn a one-on-one video chat or voice call into a group call – without having to interrupt the conversation.”

Facebook unveiled the new feature today, and says that the ability to quickly add folks while in a video or audio call is available right now, both for iOS and Android users.

Our Take

Video and audio calls appears to be a popular feature within Facebook Messenger, so the fact the company is trying to make it easier for groups to connect certainly makes sense. The previous implementation could be pretty frustrating, having to end a call and start it all over just because you wanted to add someone to the mix. The new method seems pretty straightforward, though.

[via Facebook Newsroom]