Fitbit’s New ‘Mass Appeal’ Smartwatch Leaks in Pictures

Images of Fitbit’s upcoming “mass appeal” smartwatch have leaked for the first time. The design language of the smartwatch is similar to that of the Blaze, though it does look a bit more modern and sleek which should help it attract more consumers. While packed with features, the Fitbit Ionic was not particularly a looker which is why it did not appeal to a wider range of audience.

Fitbit will be positioning its upcoming new wearable as a successor to the Blaze and not the Ionic though. This new smartwatch is being designed to primarily appeal to the female market which is Fitbit is trying to keep its size down as much as possible. Fitbit will also offer the watch in four different colors: silver, rose gold, black, and charcoal. Additionally, it will offer the watch with a range of straps.

According to one source familiar with the company’s plans, who asked to remain anonymous, Fitbit was aware that the Ionic didn’t have mass market appeal. “It wants this to be something that will appeal to a larger, more general smartwatch audience,” they told us.

As for sensors, the upcoming new Fitbit wearable will have the same SpO2 sensor that first debuted on the Ionic. This will allow the smartwatch to track sleep apnea when Fitbit enables the functionality with an update. It will, however, lack a dedicated GPS chip which is found in the Ionic. It will also be water resistant to 50m which means it can be worn while one goes for swimming as well.

It is unclear when Fitbit plans on launching its new wearable. However, the company is planning on pricing its new smartwatch lower than the Ionic so as to get it on the hands of more consumers out there. This, in turn, will help the company to attract more developers for FitbitOS, the OS its wearable run on.

Our Take

Apple has managed to surpass Fitbit in the wearable market thanks to its rapid pace of innovation and development. Between the release of the original Apple Watch and the Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE, Apple has made numerous improvements to its wearable that has helped make it the best in the market. Fitbit, in comparison, has made little to no improvements, with its last wearable — the Ionic — being panned for its bulky and unattractive design.

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