HomePod Tandem Use Called ‘FullRoom’ Coming Soon, Multi-Room Function Will Arrive Later

Apple had previously confirmed that some HomePod features wouldn’t be available at launch, but now we’ve got a name for one, at least.

In the HomePod review published today by TechCrunch, the publication revealed not only the name for one of the HomePod’s upcoming features, but also reiterated the fact that there are must-have elements of Apple’s first smart speaker that will be arriving at a later, but still unconfirmed, date.

First, the review confirmed that the ability for a pair of HomePods “to be used in tandem but not in stereo” will be called “FullRoom”, and that the feature will be arriving at some point in the near future. There is no specific date to circle on the calendar, however. In addition to that, the review also confirmed again that the ability to play the same audio through multiple HomePods throughout a household is coming at a later date, along with AirPlay 2.

FullRoom will arrive first, with multi-HomePod support arriving sometime after that.

Here’s the important bit from the review:

“In an apartment, the HomePod could not be louder and more room filling. But at home, in a 20×30′ great room with carpet on the floor, I did find myself wishing for it to be louder. This should be solved once Apple ships FullRoom — its support for two HomePods to be used in tandem but not in stereo. That’s coming soon, followed at a later date by the “multi room” function which lets a bunch of HomePods synchronize to play the same audio everywhere. But for now, small- to medium-sized rooms are fine, big rooms you may find the HomePod a smidge under powered.”

Our Take

The ability to use multiple HomePods in tandem (Apple doesn’t promote stereo functionality because HomePods can’t be delineated Left or Right, but the two HomePods will autotune with the built-in technology to provide a more distinct sound), as well as play the same audio from multiple HomePods throughout the household, is pretty great — and frustrating that it’s not already available. Better late than never, maybe.

Are you waiting to pick up a HomePod until these features are available?

[via TechCrunch]