Here is The List of iOS 12 and iOS 13 Features Leaked So Far


iOS 12 Features

iOS 12 is still a few months away from its official unveiling at WWDC 2018, and iOS 13 is still at least a year-and-a-half away from being announced to the public. And yet, thanks to major leaks since the beginning of this year, we already know what Apple is planning for the next two major releases of iOS.

With iOS 12, which Apple has internally codenamed as “Peace,” the company has changed its strategy to allow engineers to push back the release of features which are not ready by another year. The company is doing this to ensure that its software releases are more stable, reliable, and bug-free than before. Apple’s software quality has taken a beating in recent years, with major iOS releases containing plenty of bugs and broken features. Thus, this move from the company makes a lot of sense. But the focus on a more stable and reliable software does not mean iOS 12 will not come with major features — far from that. Here’s what the leaks have revealed so far.

Leaked iOS 12 Features

  • The highlight of iOS 12 will be the unification of iOS 12 and macOS. Codenamed “Marzipan,” the project will allow developers to write one app which would work on iPhone, iPad, and macOS. This will ensure that the app quality across the two platforms and three kinds of devices are the same
  • Improved ARKit framework
  • Enhanced Parental Controls which will provide parents with more ways and options to limit their child’s iPhone/iPad use
  • Improved Health app
  • Revamped Stocks app
  • New set of Animojis with an easy to navigate menu
  • Multi-party FaceTime video calls, though the feature might get pushed back
  • Face ID support on iPad
  • Animoji support in FaceTime video calls
  • Siri integration in the Search view and across the OS
  • Improved Do Not Disturb mode with more granular controls
  • Redesigned interface for importing photos on iPad
  • Improved performance across all devices
  • Improved stability

Leaked iOS 13 Features

Apple’s new strategy of delaying features that are not ready by a year means that the leaked iOS 13 features you will read about below were initially meant to be a part of iOS 12. However, either due to resource constraints or due to the feature likely not being ready in time, Apple decided to delay them by a year. Most of the leaked features that Apple has delayed for iOS 13 are iPad centric.

  • Redesigned Home screen for iPhone and iPad. This was supposed to be a part of iOS 12 originally but was delayed after the company decided to focus on performance and stability with iOS 12
  • Run several windows inside an app on the iPad similar to how one runs multiple tabs inside a web browser
  • Run two instances of the same app side-by-side
  • New features for Apple Pencil
  • Ability to mute notifications from individual threads in the email app
  • Revamped Photos app
  • Redesigned CarPlay

Do remember that iOS 12 and iOS 13 are still in early stages of development so things can still change, especially with respect to iOS 13 which is more than 1.5 years away from its official unveiling.

Are you bummed that Apple decided to delay the revamped home screen to 2019 in favor of improved performance and stability? I sure am.