Siri and Apple Maps Integration Go Missing in Uber for iOS [Update: Its Back]

Uber App

The latest Uber update for iOS has removed a lot of functionality from the app including Siri and Apple Maps integration without any kind of prior announcement. The lack of Siri integration means iPhone owners will no longer be able to use Siri to book an Uber.

Likewise, the Apple Maps app no longer shows Uber as a ride option when you check on the directions to a location. This feature would have previously allowed one to hail an Uber right from within the Apple Maps app. Interestingly, Lyft continues to have Siri and Apple Maps integration so it is unclear why Uber decided to nix the functionality in its app.

Interestingly, Uber seems to have removed these features from its app with an update it rolled out on January 22. However, the removal of these features seems to have had little impact as hardly anyone noticed it apart from a handful of iPhone owners. If anything, it speaks volumes about how popular these features were among iPhone owners.

Our Take

Given that hardly anyone seems to have cared about the lack of Siri and Apple Maps integration in Uber, the company could very well remove the features from its app for good and no one would care. Apple had highlighted with the release of iOS 10 how one could book an Uber using Siri but the feature hardly worked properly in real life.


Well, that did not take long. Uber has reinstated Siri and Apple Maps integration into its iOS app with the latest update.

[Via Apple Insider]