Snapchat Intros ‘Create Your Own Lenses’ Feature in iOS App

Back in December of last year, Snap, Inc., officially announced and launched a new Lens Studio feature on the Mac, which would let Snapchat users create their own lenses and filters.

Now, Snap has officially confirmed that the feature is rolling out for iOS users as well. The same idea, anyway, as Snapchat now officially supports its own “Create Your Own Lenses” feature, which builds upon the longstanding GeoFilters that Snapchat has had in place for quite some time. The idea is to let users create their own Lenses for some major events, including weddings, birthday parties, and more.

The feature also supports creating your own Filter. And while individual users will be able to use their own creations at will, friends and family members can use the custom-created Filter or Lens as well. Right out of the gate, the user-created platform includes 150 templates to start from.

The kicker here is that the creation tool charges $9.99 at its base price for the custom Filters or Lenses, and prices can go up from there. Users will be able to change a variety of items, including the time and date of the event they want to spruce up, add text, and then checkout with their custom Filter or Lens three hours before the event is supposed to start. That price tag can vary, though, speeding on factors like duration and location size.

Our Take

These custom elements for Snapchat will probably go a long way to help spur up some user interactivity. The idea that you can create your own Filters and Lenses is a pretty cool idea. The $9.99 price tag, however, will make or break it. One wonder if Snap will start offering some free tools at some point, even if they are limited in scope in comparison to the full paid suite of options.


[via Snapchat]