Spotify ‘On Its Way’ To Create First Physical Products

Spotify has stepped up its efforts to create its own hardware products following the release of smart speakers from Google, Amazon, and Apple. Spotify relies on hardware products from other OEMs which might just prove to be detrimental to its growth in the future.

Now, the latest job postings from Spotify on its website for an ‘Operations Manager – Hardware Product’ clearly mentions that the music streaming service is “on its way” to create its first physical products and “set-up an operational organization for manufacturing, supply chain, sales & marketing.” The company has posted several other job listings with roles specific to hardware procurement, supply chain setup, and more.

Given the increasing popularity of smart speakers, Spotify is presumably working on one itself. To make it smart, the company can always run Google Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa on it whilst offering tight integration with its own music streaming service. Spotify can always develop its own in-house virtual assistant but that move might not work out in the long run due to the company’s limited resources. A smart speaker running Google Assistant or Alexa will allow Spotify’s speaker to compete directly with Apple’s HomePod. And Spotify can always undercut Apple by pricing its smart speaker lower than the HomePod and bundle a free Spotify subscription along with it.

Apple Music has been rapidly gaining subscribers in the United States, and it is expected to overtake Spotify before the end of this year. The recent launch of the HomePod is not going to help things either in this regard from Spotify’s perspective as the Siri-powered speaker only features Apple Music integration. While HomePod owners can stream music from Spotify to the speaker, they will have to AirPlay it using their iPhone or iPad.

[Via Musically]