Twitter is Expanding Bookmarks to All Users

Back in October of last year, Twitter announced during its Hack Week conference that it was working on a “save for later” feature called Bookmarks, which would allow users to save a tweet to read later without having to retweet it or like it.

At the time, the feature was in limited scope, but Twitter always planned on rolling it out wide for its users. And that time has finally come, several months later. There are a couple of key differences with how bookmarking a tweet works, versus how saving something on the platform was implemented before.

The first, is that if a user bookmarks a tweet, only that user knows it had any interaction with the tweet at all. Which means that the person who tweeted the original content won’t get a notification that their tweet was bookmarked. Up until now, a retweet or like would notify the original tweet creator that their content was interacted with in some way or another. It also means that the person bookmarking tweet isn’t directly engaging with the tweet, but simply saving it to look at later.

Now, within the official Twitter app, users will see a new share icon underneath the tweet — next to where all the other status icons are. Clicking or tapping on that will bring up the option to save the tweet for later. That sharing option also includes the ability to share the tweet in a direct message on the platform, or share the content outside of Twitter as well.

To access bookmarks, you’ll need to slide out the menu and then click on the new “Bookmarks” menu option, where the tweets will be present for easy access. Bookmarks aren’t publicly viewable, either, so it’ll just be for the individual user to see.

Bookmarks in Twitter begin rolling out today for iOS and Android users, as well as for Twitter Lite and on the mobile Twitter website.

Our Take

Twitter has stated in the past that a “save for later” feature has been one of the most oft-requested features, so it’s good to see it is finally rolling out to a wide audience. What’s more, it looks more polished than what Twitter was showing off back at the end of 2017, which is also a good thing.

What do you think of the new Bookmarks feature?

[via @Twitter]