Twitter is Killing the Official Mac App

Way back in December of 2015, Twitter officially launched a new app for the Mac, which included GIF support, a dark theme, and more.

Now, more than two years later, Twitter has officially announced that it is putting a spike through the app’s heart and ending support entirely. The social network is killing off the Mac app, and will instead put its attention on the web client, all in an effort to present a “great experience” that’s available “across platforms”.

As a result, the official Twitter app for Mac is no longer available to download. And then, in 30 days, Twitter will be ending official support for the app.

Twitter’s announcement is short and succinct, without any further details or reasoning behind the move. The actual death of the Mac app isn’t a surprise in the slightest, though, as it has been effectively abandoned for quite some time now. The web client has been the focus for Twitter in the meantime, so its abandoning the Mac app and opting to just go that route seems right in line.

Our Take

As noted above, this isn’t a surprise. Even for an announcement made late in the evening on a Friday. That being said, this will probably fire up plenty of speculation regarding Apple’s Mac App Store, and how lucrative the digital storefront is for Apple and for third-party companies. Is Twitter leaving the Mac App Store, and abandoning a Mac app altogether, a sign that Apple’s Mac App Store is a graveyard not worth visiting?

What do you think?

[via @TwitterSupport]