Video Shows iPhone X Incoming Call Issue Affecting Many Users

iPhone X Incoming Calling Issue

Earlier today, Financial Times reported that many iPhone X users are unable to accept incoming calls when it rings as there is a delay of up to 10 seconds in the touchscreen appearing.

I haven’t faced the issue on my iPhone X, so I assumed that the display was unresponsive making it difficult to take the incoming call.

But based on the video below, it looks like the Phone app doesn’t get invoked when the iPhone X starts ringing so it is not possible to take the incoming call. It is possible that this issue is affecting many iPhone X users, but you may not have noticed it, as the Phone app probably shows up by the time you end up taking the call.

In the video, there is a delay of at least 10 seconds from the time the iPhone X starts ringing, and the launch of the Phone app, to allow the user to take the call. It is not clear if launching the Phone app manually allows the user to accept the incoming call, as that could be a workaround.

According to iPhone X users affected by the problem, the issue gets resolved temporarily after restarting iPhone X, but after 15-20 calls the problems starts again.

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