Apple Announces Students Will Get 200GB of iCloud Storage for Free

Apple’s education event wrapped up recently. The company announced a new piece of hardware, as well as new focuses on software, and even a nice bonus for students when it comes to cloud storage.

During the event, Apple officially announced that students will now be offered 200GB of iCloud storage for free. Up to this point, the free option for iCloud storage, even for students, was only 5GB. That will be changing from this point on, though. But, there is one caveat to be made aware of.

Apple is making this deal available for students that have Apple IDs that are handed out by the school directly. That means the free 200GB option won’t be available for all students just because they have a .edu email address. Their Apple ID must be provided by the school to get the free 200GB of iCloud storage.

The new option is available now for students who qualify.

Our Take

Obviously this is something a lot of iCloud users would want. Free 200GB of iCloud storage is pretty nice bonus! The limitation of the school-managed Apple IDs might be a bummer to students out there who don’t fit the bill, though. Then again, it’s certainly better than the standard 5GB option for those students who do qualify for the option. Will it get teachers and other educators to jump into the Apple ecosystem? Only time will tell on that front.

How much cloud storage do you have with iCloud? Would you jump at the chance to get 200GB for free?

[image via The Verge]