Leaked Images Reveal Preferences for Students and Teachers Using Apple’s Upcoming ClassKit

When Apple seeded the second developer beta of iOS 11.3, it was also revealed that the software featured a new framework, this one designed specifically for the education market.

That new idea is called ClassKit, and it will allow for different use cases for both teachers and students, based on what they need to get done. With ClassKit, developers will be able to create apps that can be tracked by a teacher, and also assigned to specific students via iOS devices. For students, ClassKit-enabled apps will be able to show progress in real-time, and can be tracked by the student and teacher independently to see how well progress is being made.

As it stands right now, it is unknown what Apple has planned for ClassKit. The new framework could be tied specifically to a new feature that the company has not gotten around to announcing just yet, which will be unveiled alongside the public launch of iOS 11.3 later this year. Or, it could be part of a hardware announcement that Apple is rumored to be hosting sometime in March, where we could see at least two new iPad models get unveiled.

Whatever the case, ClassKit appears to streamline the process between educators and students, as far as assigning and receiving assignments. The education market is vast, and developers focused on that area may be able to use ClassKit to help elevate their apps and usefulness.

Our Take

Apple has been trying to make headway into the education market for years. While it has worked to some degree in some areas, there is no denying that Google has barreled its way into the market with Chromebook devices. The idea behind ClassKit seems solid enough, based on what we’ve seen in early developer seeds, so it will be interesting to see how Apple implements the idea moving forward.

[via 9to5Mac]