Apple Will Launch an Updated Apple ID Site to Let Users Download Their Data

With Facebook caught up in the headlines recently, in relation to security and privacy, even other companies are starting to see closer scrutiny.

At this point in time, there is no way for any Apple users to find their data, the parts that are stored by Apple, download it, manipulate it, or delete it. But that will be changing soon, according to a report from Bloomberg. In an effort to comply with a new European law, as part of the country’s new General Data Protection Regulation — which goes into effect on May 25 — this new, revamped website dedicated to Apple IDs will let customers finally get better control on their data.

From the new website, Apple customers will be able to download a variety of data, including photos, contact information, calendar input, music preferences, and more. The goal here, on Apple’s side, is to let its users access all of the data that Apple does have access to. Apple will apparently also let users delete their Apple IDs from the site, disable the account, and correct any personal information as well.

Apple’s update Apple ID website will launch for European customers some time in May. A wider expansion for customers outside of Europe is planned for a later date, but Apple hasn’t pinpointed just when that will be.

Our Take

This doesn’t have a direct correlation to Facebook, considering this is a legal move in Europe that has been in the works for quite some time, but it’s certainly all about the timing. The fact that Apple is going to open its doors, so to speak, and let customers access their data, delete it, and otherwise keep track of it, is a pretty good move on their part.

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[via Bloomberg]