Apple Shares iPhone X and Apple Pay Ad ‘Fly Market’

Apple has published a new video ad to its official YouTube page, a new short film that will more than likely make it to TV screens soon enough.

The new ad is just over a minute long, and it promotes not only the iPhone X, Apple’s newest smartphone, but also the ability to pay for things while on the go with Apple Pay. Here’s how Apple describes the video, straight to the point as usual:

“Pay with a glance. Apple Pay on iPhone X.”

The video is called “Fly Market” and it features the music of Vulfpeck, with a song entitled Back Pocket. We get to watch folks dance through an open market, all the while making purchases along the way with just a look at their phone — thanks to Apple Pay and Face ID.

Here’s the video:

Our Take

This is right in line with Apple’s latest ads, with a lot of color, flash, and showing off a device’s features. It’s short enough that it will play well on TVs, even when Apple shaves it down for the thirty-second spots.

What do you think of the new ad?

[via Apple]