Apple TV Original Programming Could Be Unveiled by March 2019

Apple TV

Apple is said to be spending north of a billion dollars towards original programming meant for Apple TV customers. The New York Times now mentions that the company is looking to launch its extended content service by March 2019.

While it seems like a long time from now, since the project was only waved off a couple of months ago, the wait is justified. It is believed that Apple is currently working on 12 projects consisting of dramas and kids shows including European and Latin American content.

The original programming team at Apple currently consists of 40 members including some high level executives from major production houses that the company hired last year. Given the kind of investment Apple is about to lay down, it’s no surprise that the company is expected to outbid several studios to gain rights for TV shows.

It is said that Apple has already outbid Netflix in some negotiations, which speaks volumes about the company’s drive to get ahead of the competition when the service finally launches next year. It is said that Apple’s drama with Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston is still waiting on a script. Both actors are expected to earn millions per episode.

In its negotiations, Apple is expected to outbid juggernauts like Facebook and YouTube, in addition to Netflix for rights of TV shows and other content. NYT also mentions that the company could easily exceed the $1 billion production budget laid out for original programming.

[Via The New York Times]