Apple Expected to Launch New Apple Watch With 15% Bigger Display and New Design

While today has been mostly about a new iPad and new educational software, it looks like the rumor mill has just started to kick into gear for the Apple Watch Series 4.

Thanks to KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, no less, we’ve got the first word on what Apple might be planning for their next update to the Apple Watch lineup, with the expected Series 4 to launch later this year. According to Kuo, Apple is going to go all-in with a new design for the smartwatch lineup, and that it will include a variety of important and noteworthy changes.

Kuo expects that Apple will be launching the Series 4 Apple Watch sometime in the third quarter of 2018, and that when it arrives it will boast a 15% bigger display than the current iteration of the smartwatch. At this point in time, the Apple Watch is available in two variants: 38mm and 42mm, but there is no word on how this might change with the Series 4 later this year.

We may see an Apple Watch with smaller bezels, which would probably be the easiest way to adopt those bigger displays without increasing the size of the watches. However, the new analyst note does also mention that the Apple Watch Series 4 is going to host a larger battery capacity when compared to the current models.

Meanwhile, the report also indicates that Apple will include updates to the health sensors, as well as other general improvements and enhancements to the new model.

Now that the rumor mill has officially kicked into gear for the Apple Watch Series 4, we will more than likely start to hear a lot more about the upcoming smartwatch. So stay tuned.

Our Take

First things first: It’s about time that the Apple Watch saw some kind of redesign. Doesn’t have to be drastic or anything, but even reducing the bezels to offer more display would be great. Second thing: changing the design to make the watches bigger doesn’t seem great, even if it does mean more battery life. The Apple Watch isn’t thin already. Then again, offering more battery life will probably be more than enough reasoning for most Apple Watch owners to be okay with an increase in size.

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