Google Maps Gets ‘Wheelchair Accessible’ Option Under Transit Navigation Settings

Google Maps Accessibility

Google Maps has added a new “Wheelchair accessible” option within transit navigation settings, helping people with disabilities find the easiest way to get around.

Google mentions that the feature is currently rolling out to users in metropolitan areas like London, Tokyo, Mexico City, Boston, and Sydney, while other regions will follow suit subsequently. As it turns out, the feature is already rolling out to other regions as well, including India.

Accessing the new feature is as simple as searching for the location you want to travel to under public transport, tapping options and checking the “Wheelchair accessible” marker at the bottom. Google also adds a disclaimer saying “Use caution – wheelchair-accessible directions may not always reflect real-world conditions.” This suggests that the feature might not be fully ready in some parts of the world.


“Information about which stations and routes are wheelchair friendly isn’t always readily available or easy to find. To make public transit work for everyone, today we’re introducing “wheelchair accessible” routes in transit navigation to make getting around easier for those with mobility needs.”

Our take

This feature is definitely going to make lives easier for a lot of people around the world. However, support is only limited to wherever Google Maps has access to public transport information. So this feature wouldn’t help much in smaller cities. But being that Google Maps is one of the most popular maps applications in the App Store, the presence of a feature like this is very welcome.

[Via Google Blog]