Apple Calls the iMac Pro the ‘Ultimate Creative Partner’ as it Shows Off Six New Short Films

It has been some time since Apple launched its most powerful iMac ever, the iMac Pro, but it looks like the company wants to bring more eyeballs back around.

Today, Apple published a new dedicated site for the iMac Pro, meant to show off the desktop hardware as the “ultimate creative partner”, by inviting a collection of folks, from graphic designers, CG artists, and filmmakers, to use the iMac Pro to create new and exciting content. The result is six different short films, all of which were created on the iMac Pro.

“To demonstrate the power of iMac Pro, Apple invited a group of renowned filmmakers, CG artists, and motion graphics designers to create a personal piece of work using its advanced technologies. The project was an opportunity for each of them to use this incredibly capable tool to define power through the films they made. From concept development through final preparations for render, iMac Pro proved to be the ultimate creative partner.”

As for who is included in the mix, that would be the creative groups Buck and ManvsMachine, director and designer Michelle Dougherty, 3D artist Luigi Honorat, director Erin Sarofsky, and graphics designer Esteban Diácono.

The iMac Pro helped each of the artists put together their short videos from concept to final results. You can watch all of them through the source links below.

Our Take

A lot of different Apple devices, from the iPhone to the iMac Pro, are designed to be creative powerhouses, just as much as they can be used to consume content, too. The iMac Pro is certainly no different, and the short videos put together on this new site are certainly worth checking out.

Did you pick up an iMac Pro?

[via Apple]