iOS 12 Concept Reimagines Music App With Landscape Support, Coverflow, Smarter Volume Controls and Dark Mode

Apple has just announced that WWDC 2018 will kick off on June 4th, where it is widely expected to unveil iOS 12, the next major iOS update.

So this new iOS 12 concept by YouTuber Litatya is quite timely. Just like the previous iOS 12 concept that imagined group notifications, Lock screen widgets, this iOS 12 concept is also very well made.

The major focus of the iOS 12 concept is the Music app, which offers an all-new Now playing experience with a colorful background based on the album Artwork.

It also shows how a user can skip to the next song in the playlist just by swiping on the album Artwork. But the idea that I really liked in the concept is the ability to press the volume button to increase or decrease the volume, similar to the controls in the redesigned Control Center in iOS 11.

The concept also imagines the Music app in landscape mode, with a cool coverflow feature to make it easier to browse through music albums.

An iOS 12 concept would not be complete without the dark mode, so not surprisingly the concept also gives us a glimpse of how the Music app will look like in dark mode.

It remains to be seen if Apple will redesign the Music app in iOS 12. The highlight of iOS 12 will be the unification of iOS 12 and macOS. Codenamed “Marzipan,” the project will allow developers to develop one app which would work on iPhone, iPad, and macOS. iOS 12 is also rumored to include features such as enhanced Parental Controls which will provide parents with more ways and options to limit their child’s iPhone/iPad use, improved Health app, improved ARKit, revamped Stocks app, new set of Animojis with an easy to navigate menu, multi-party FaceTime video calls, though the feature might get pushed back, Face ID support on iPad, Animoji support in FaceTime video calls, Siri integration in the Search view and across the OS, improved Do Not Disturb mode with more granular controls, redesigned interface for importing photos on iPad, improved performance across all devices and improved stability.

Let us know what you think of the iOS 12 concept. Now that Apple has announced the dates for WWDC 2018, we expect to see many more iOS 12 concepts.