New iPhone X Plus Concept Video Shows Off Gold Color Scheme

Word on the street is that Apple is working on launching a gold color scheme this year, in line with the new iPhone X, the iPhone X Plus, and the 6.1-inch iPhone.

We are likely going to see a lot of concept imaginings of what that will look like, as we have already seen a few renderings of what the iPhone X will look like in a gold color scheme. And now, we’ve got a concept video from the folks over at ConceptiPhones, which have put together a video that’s over 45 seconds long, showcasing what they think a gold iPhone X Plus will look like.

The video actually inserts another rumored new addition to the iPhone lineup: Dual SIM support. We also get to see what the current iPhone X looks like next to the iPhone X Plus, which does a nice job of showing the size differences between the two handsets. Of course, there isn’t any reason to expect any major changes between the two, which this concept video does a nice job of showcasing. We’ll likely just get a bigger version of the iPhone X — notch and all.

Here’s the video:

Our Take

This is one of the better concepts out there, as is par for the course with the publication sharing it. There’s no doubt that Apple is going to bring the gold color scheme back into its flagship lineup fold, but the question is when? Reports are that we could see it later this year, but, at the same time, Apple’s plans may change.

Are you excited about the gold color?

[via ConceptsiPhone]