Logitech Unveils $49 Crayon Stylus for the iPad

Today, Apple officially unveiled a brand new iPad, which is a natural evolution from the 9.7-inch model it launched last year.

At the education-focused event, Apple also took a few moments to talk about a couple of third-party accessories for its iPad, especially the new 9.7-inch model. That includes a brand new case from Logitech, which will have a rugged design — a perfect accessory for a busy classroom. The new case also includes a built-in keyboard. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like the new 9.7-inch iPad offers a keyboard connector, so the new Logitech-branded keyboard/case combo will more than likely connect wirelessly to the iPad itself.

The new standout accessory, though, is a $49 stylus that will work with the new 9.7-inch iPad and the iPad Pro lineup. Logitech has called it “Crayon”, and it’s an orange-and-white stylus.

While Apple announced both accessories for the iPad lineup, there is no word just yet on when either one will be made available to the public. There is also no word on how much that aforementioned rugged case will cost.

For those keeping track, the Crayon will cost $49, while the Apple Pencil will still retail for $99.

Our Take

This isn’t the first third-party stylus option to work with the iPad, but obviously it’s worth taking a closer look at considering Apple decided to throw it up on stage with its new hardware and software products. Not knowing when it launches is frustrating, especially considering that the new iPad launches today and ships this week.

Still, at $49 it’s a worthwhile option.

[via The Verge]