Malaysian Apple Reseller Forced to Cancel iPhone 5s and iPad Clearance Event After Thousands Show Up

Getting a cheap Apple device is something to pay attention to, but one Apple reseller ran into a bit of trouble recently with a planned clearance.

Switch, a reseller out of Malaysia, were forced to cancel a clearance event as queues formed at midnight in the thousands. The store handed out tickets for the first few people in line, but when the doors opened customers rushed in, creating an unsafe shopping experience for those inside. The store was forced to close soon after the doors opened.

The clearance event didn’t actually have a lot of products to sell. Switch was offering 10 iPhone 5s units for $50, and there was one iPad Air 2 for $79. The reseller also had a 24-inch iMac model on sale for around $260, too. In most of the situations, the products being sold were units used for demonstration purposes in the store.

As of right now, Switch has put the clearance sale on hold “until further notice”. When the store did reopen, it was still offering some sales in place, for models like the 11-inch MacBook Air, the iPhone X, and a 32GB iPhone 6.

There isn’t any word on when, or even if, the clearance event will return.

Our Take

When you charge only $50 for a device, even like the iPhone 5s, and less than $80 for the iPad Air 2, you’re going to see crowds. That was a lot of people, though, as the images show. A line like that is definitely not safe, especially when they’re all trying to clamor into the same place like that.

[via Apple Insider]