PowerPod Case Brings Wireless Charging to Your Existing AirPods Case

Apple will reportedly soon be unveiling new AirPod case with wireless charging built-in. This will allow the case and the AirPods to be charged wirelessly when they are placed on the AirPower, the wireless charger from Apple due for unveiling anytime now. But what about existing AirPod owners? Does Apple expect them to throw away their existing case and buy a new one?

A new Kickstarter campaign aims to solve this problem by adding wireless charging capability to your existing AirPods case.

Made from silicone and called the PowerPod case, it fits around the AirPods case and adds wireless charging functionality to it. The silicone case in itself is very thin and yet packs all the necessary circuits and gadgetry to support Qi wireless charging. However, to ensure that the power is transmitted to your AirPods case, you need to connect the flush lightning cable from the PowerPod case to the AirPod case. Then, the copper coil installed in the back of the case transfers energy from the charging pad to the AirPod case.

If you are impressed by the concept of PowerPod case, you should head over to Kickstarter and consider backing its campaign. The campaign has so far received support from 359 backers to amass a total of $10,271 which is still a fair bit less than its total goal of $22,000. There’s still another 30 days to go for the campaign to reach its end so there’s still plenty of time and hope for the project.

What do you think about the PowerPod case? While its an interesting concept for sure, do remember that it will add a certain degree of thickness to your AirPods carrying case which might not be appreciated by everyone. Do you plan on backing the PowerPod case campaign on Kickstarter? Drop a comment and let us know!

PowerPod Kickstarter campaign