Spotify is Testing an In-App Voice Assistant

Using our voice to get things done is the focus for a lot of companies, with digital personal assistants reigning supreme (or not so much, in some cases).

As such, Spotify –the biggest platform in the music streaming music (for now)– was surely going to get in on the assistant fun at some point or another, as soon as they could figure out a good point of entry. Which it seems they are working on right now, as first reported tonight by TechCrunch.

The publication has confirmed that Spotify is currently testing an in-app voice assistant with a small number of its users. Spotify itself has already confirmed the existence of the feature, too, but wouldn’t provide anything other than saying it is “just a test for now”. So there isn’t any word on when the voice assistant within Spotify might see the light of day for the public.

As far as the feature itself is concerned, it is pretty barebones at the moment, which isn’t surprising. There is a small microphone icon on the bottom-right of the display, and when a user touches it they can say things like “Play my Discover Weekly” or some other scenario. They can also tell the assistant to play a specific artist or album as well.

While this functionality might serve a purpose within the iOS or Android app, the safe bet is that Spotify is working on this voice assistant to work with the oft-rumored smart speaker the company is supposedly working on. We heard recently that the company is “on its way” to creating its first hardware, and a smart speaker is a safe bet.

A digital voice assistant would lean into that belief, and help make whatever the product is a tad more worthwhile.

Our Take

Spotify hasn’t always been in the position to launch a hardware device, and one could argue that, despite going public with an IPO not too long ago, they still might not be. Still, it’s a long time coming, and it will be interesting to see what the company does with their first hardware. Will they go all-in on audio quality, similar to the Apple HomePod? Or will we see Spotify lean into its voice assistant feature even more than Apple?

[via TechCrunch]