A Steve Jobs Employment Questionnaire Sold For Over $150,000 at Auction

Signed items tend to go for a large chunk of money, depending on the person who signed it. When it comes to Steve Jobs-related materials, numbers tend to skyrocket.

That is indeed the case with the latest item to go up for auction, as noted today by MacRumors. This time around it was an employment questionnaire, which was signed by the co-founder and former CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs. The questionnaire was auctioned off last week, and it went for an impressive $174,757 when it was all said and done.

The auction house initially suggested that the signed questionnaire would go for around $50,000, but the final total more than triples that estimate.

As for the questionnaire itself, that was filled out in 1973. At the time Jobs had just left Reeds College, after he spent a year and a half auditing classes, and, before that, six months actually attending courses. On the paper, Jobs lists “English lit” as his major, and Reeds College is the place of learning.

Jobs, on his own behalf, put down things like “design” and “tech”, along with “calculator” and “computer” as his skills at the time. Jobs also said he had special abilities including “Tech or Design Engineer” and “electronics”.

It wouldn’t be long after Jobs filled out this questionnaire that he would take a position with Atari. Then, after that, the rest is history, with Apple starting in Southern California and, eventually, becoming one of the most recognizable companies on the planet.

Our Take

It should not surprise anyone that a signed item from Steve Jobs, especially one so early in his life, would fetch so much money. Tripling initial estimates, though, is pretty impressive all around.

[via MacRumors]