A Self-Driving Uber Car Hit and Killed a Pedestrian in Arizona

Self-driving cars are the next big thing for the automotive industry, and that is certainly the case for ride-hailing services like Uber.

As such, the company has been testing self-driving vehicles for a bit of time, but it looks like it may have run into a major issue. As reported by The New York Times, a self-driving Uber vehicle, which had a safety driver present behind the steering wheel, hit a pedestrian while they were walking in Tempe, Arizona. According to the police, the pedestrian was not walking in a crosswalk when the vehicle hit them.

The pedestrian died from the collision. No other details regarding the accident and subsequent death were available at the time of publication.

However, it is known that Uber is cooperating with police in the ways that it needs to. Additionally, Uber has suspended all of the testing related to its self-driving cars in every state where it is currently happening, including in Tempe, Arizona; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; San Francisco, California; and Toronto, Canada.

As for what happens next, that remains to be seen. It is possible that more regulation befalls the self-driving industry from this point on.

Our Take

That stricter regulation, if it does indeed happen, would impact not just Uber, but also companies like Tesla, Google, and Apple. As we have previously reported, Apple is currently testing its own self-driving software in vehicles within the state of California. Whatever happens as a result of the Uber vehicle hitting and killing a pedestrian will have lasting effects for all of these companies.

[via The New York Times]