Oliver Schusser is Now Leading Apple Music Worldwide Division as the Service Passes 40 Million Subscribers

Earlier this month, an Apple executive revealed that Apple Music has 40 million subscribers. Looks like that’s already changed.

Now, Variety reports that a couple of things have changed. First, that Apple Music has officially surpassed 40 million subscribers. That’s pretty impressive, if not entirely surprising, considering that back in March the streaming music platform had 38 million subscribers, and, as mentioned above, reached 40 million at the beginning of the month.

In addition to that, Apple Music now has a new leading presence in that of Oliver Schusser. The official presence will be leading the Apple Music Worldwide team, according to the report. Schusser has been working with the Apple Music team for a while now, previously as the Vice President Apple Music & International Content.

Apple’s Eddy Cue, the Senior Vice President of Internet Software and Services, hired Schusser 14 years ago.

Even as Apple’s executives get shuffled around, there is no denying that the streaming platform has caught on with iOS and Android users, as the relatively new service has already garnered so many subscribers.

Our Take

Gaining two million subscribers in just over a month’s time is an impressive number. And let’s not forget that there are around 8 million subscribers still using the service on a free trial, so one has to wonder just how much that number will jump up when those trials end.

[via Variety]