Apple Offering Additional One Month Free Apple Music Subscription to Customers Who Never Subscribed

Apple is offering a free one-month Apple Music subscription to customers who had previously tried the 3-month Apple Music trial but did not subscribe to the service. Apple is offering this additional one-month trial to select customers, and it has been apparently doing so for the last six months. 

There’s no way to know how and on what criteria Apple is offering this additional free one month Apple Music subscription to users. Users are informed about this complimentary free month of Apple Music subscription either through an email from Apple or through a push notification on their phone.

Some people believe that Apple is offering this complimentary one-month trial to those Apple Music subscribers who had tried the service following the release of the redesigned app in iOS 10.

Unlike its chief competitor Spotify, Apple does not offer a free streaming tier with Apple Music. Instead, it only offers a one-time three-month free subscription after which users are required to pay $9.99/month to enjoy the service. While three months is a long time to get one accustomed to the service, there are always customers who did not like the experience for some reason and decided not to subscribe to the service. Down the line, these customers will have no way of knowing if Apple Music has improved or not without having to pay for it first which might just completely deter them from trying the service at all.

Apple Music currently has over 40 million paying subscribers, while Spotify has over 70 million paying subscribers along with 91 million free users.

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