Tim Cook Will be Deposed on June 27 Over Patent Dispute With Qualcomm

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Over a large stretch of 2017, news reports kept popping up regarding an ongoing dispute between chip manufacturer Qualcomm and Apple, with both companies leveling legal teams at one another over issues most concerned with patents and patent royalty payments.

Qualcomm even filed to block the sales of iPhones in the United States, and called out the iPhone and iPhone 8 in its own legal efforts. Meanwhile, Apple’s own efforts saw moves in the legal system, but also a huge shift towards introducing only Intel-based chips into its future iPhones, basically excising Qualcomm from the conversation from 2018 onward.

Now, as initially reported by Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman, Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, is currently on the docket to be deposed on June 27. According to the tweet, Gurman states that the suit accuses “Apple of lying to regulators in order to spur investigations of Qualcomm. Apple had filed complaint over chip royalties”.

While the date of the deposition might be known, it is not likely that this will be a public event in any way.

Cook, for his part, has stated in the past that he wishes this dispute with Qualcomm could be settled out of court. Qualcomm’s CEO, Steven Mollenkopf, has echoed the same sentiment. However, it does not look like that is going to be the case any time soon, as the legal battles continue within the courts.

Our Take

It’s possible that some of Cook’s comments during the deposition find their way out into the public, but, with the private nature of the proceeding it’s more likely that we’ll hear more about the outcome — whatever that might be. The situation between Apple and Qualcomm is pretty heated, to say the least, but one has to imagine it gets figured out at some point this year. Qualcomm doesn’t want to get kicked out of the iPhone and iPad lineup, after all.

[via @markgurman]