Disney’s ESPN+ Streaming Service Launches April 12 for $4.99 Per Month

As more people continue to “cut the cord” and focus on streaming services, companies are starting to launch even more streaming services.

That includes Disney and jumping on the bandwagon in its own ways. The company has already confirmed that it will be launching its own streaming service that will not only offer its catalog of movies and TV shows, but also launch brand new, original content as well. And now the company is stretching its legs with ESPN, its huge sports-focused network.

Variety first reported today that “ESPN+” will launch on Thursday, April 12, and it will start at $4.99 per month. For that price, subscribers will get access to a variety of content, including more than 180 different Major League Baseball (MLB) and National Hockey League (NHL) games (which is about one game per day, from each league, while each sport is in season). Subscribers will also get access to original programming from the network, including TV shows and films.

“With ESPN+, fans have access to thousands more live games, world class original programs and on-demand sports content, all at a great price,” said Jimmy Pitaro, ESPN’s president, in a statement. ” They will get all of that as a part of a completely re-imagined, increasingly personalized ESPN App that provides easy, one-stop access to everything ESPN offers.”

There is no word on how much content will be available right out of the gate. As it stands right now, the NHL has about one week left of regular season games before its postseason kicks into gear (which is typically carried by NBC and its affiliate channels). Meanwhile, baseball has just kicked off its regular season, so there are still plenty of games down the stretch once ESPN+ switches on next week.

Our Take

This is the future. A thousand different streaming networks, as the consumer is nickel-and-dimed for access. Of course, it all comes down the individual as to whether or not something like this is worthwhile. Both the NHL and MLB offer their own streaming packages, but they aren’t cheap, and both have blackout restrictions. ESPN+ might be a nice supplemental package.

How many streaming services do you pay for on a monthly basis?

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