FCC Filing Reveals Apple Was Working on Gold iPhone X

Recently, Apple launched the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus in (PRODUCT)RED, giving the lineup a bold new color option well after its initial release date.

Word on the street was that Apple has been planning to do the same thing with the iPhone X, which would, Apple would hope, bump up sales for the flagship smartphone. There was speculation that we might see a red-shaded iPhone X, but the rumor mill has been leaning more into the idea of Apple launching a gold variant of the iPhone X, what may be called “Blush Gold”.

Apple didn’t launch that new color with the iPhone X earlier this month, and some believe the company may wait until later this year to launch the new shade for the lineup.

But, now thanks to the Federal Communications Commission, we have at least a confirmation that Apple was indeed working on a gold variant of the iPhone X. The filing was made with the FCC back in September, and includes several images of the unreleased gold iPhone X. It’s what you might expect, considering it’s the same shade of color that Apple launched with the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

With the FCC filing, this does more to suggest that Apple was indeed planning on launching the iPhone X back in September (or, ultimately, at its launch in November) with the gold color scheme. However, do to reasons that we aren’t aware of, but what probably comes down to production issues, Apple wasn’t able to include the gold color with the launch lineup.

Whether or not Apple plans on launching a gold iPhone X remains to be seen. We may have to wait until later this year to see that color variant.

Our Take

It’s good to see that Apple did at least plan a gold iPhone X, even if it might not ever see the light of day. Will Apple launch it before it refreshes the iPhone X lineup this year? It’s certainly possible.

What do you think?

[via MacRumors]