iOS 12 Wishlist: iCloud Overhaul And More Free Storage

iOS 12 Wishlist: iCloud Overhaul And More Free Storage

iCloud service launched in 2011 with iOS 5. Since then, the free iCloud tier has stayed at 5 GB. It’s been 7 years of not so substantial iCloud upgrades. While the iCloud sync is way more reliable, iCloud’s feature set has remained the same over all these years. If Apple is serious about Apple services, iCloud needs to be much better.

5 GB Just Isn’t Enough

Apple is now offering students 200 GB of free iCloud data. While not everyone needs 200 GB, the current 5 GB of free cloud stage is laughably low. Apple should at least match the iPhone’s storage. If you buy a 64 GB iPhone, you get 64 GB space on iCloud so you always have a 1 to 1 backup of all your data. Or Apple should make the current $0.99 50 GB plan free for everyone.

iCloud Drive Lacks Transparency

iOS 11 brought the Files app. And while it’s a good start, there’s still a lack of sync transparency when it comes to iCloud Drive. There’s no way to individually manage the storage space on iCloud.

There’s no way to find out what’s syncing at any given moment. While these limitations make sense on iOS, they should be present on the Mac. It’s one of the biggest things holding back iCloud Drive. It’s why Dropbox is still the best cloud syncing platform for iOS and macOS.

We Need More Control Over iCloud Photo Library

iCloud Photo Library

Because of iOS’s closed nature, Apple’s iCloud Photo Library is the best photo backup and syncing solution that “just works”. While you can use third-party apps like Google Photos, they backup process isn’t going to be as reliable or seamless.

iCloud Photo Library’s sync is rock solid. Photos are almost instantly uploaded to iCloud and synced to all your devices. Except when they aren’t. And when iCloud Photo Library decides to not work, there’s not much you can do other than log in again, restart your device and keep your fingers crossed.

iCloud Photo Library is a prime example of Apple’s need for simplicity going too far. There’s no way to pause sync, to manually delete a selection of photos, to force the service to make space on your phone or to simply force the sync to work when it isn’t. You basically have no control.

And I’ve run into issues where I’m just not able to download full resolution copies of old images backed up on iCloud. And of course, there’s no way to force iOS to do this. iOS will throw a pop up saying it has failed and will simply give up.

Your iCloud Wishes?

Do you use iCloud for syncing files or is it just for photos? How do you want iCloud to change in iOS 12? Do you think 5 GB is enough storage for free tier? Share with us in the comments below.

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