Renders Envision an iPhone with a Triple Camera Setup

Last week, rumors sparked off that Apple was working on an iPhone with a triple-lens camera setup for 2019. As seen on the Huawei P20 Pro, triple-lens camera sensors on a smartphone come with plenty of benefits including improved low-light performance and a higher level of optical zoom. 

Now, the folks over at iDropNews have gone ahead and created renders of an iPhone with a triple-lens camera system at its rear. The renders envision various ways on how Apple could implement the triple camera system in an iPhone with a design similar to that of the iPhone X. This includes making the camera housing bigger to accommodate the third-lens, keeping the third lens outside of the primary housing, moving the flash around, and more. One of the renders envisions Apple using an integrated ring flash on this future iPhone which does

The iPhone X already comes with a dual-camera setup at its rear so Apple only needs to adjust the design of the handset to include a third lens. With the secondary lens on the iPhone X being used for optical zoom, if Apple ever goes the route of a triple camera system, it would likely make use of a monochrome camera sensor to help it capture more details.

However, I’d bet that like Google and Samsung, Apple would focus more on computational algorithms and photography to improve the imaging performance on future iPhones. Google has already shown what computational photography is capable of doing despite using slightly inferior hardware compared to its competition. Samsung also uses a new camera sensor on the Galaxy S9 with a dedicated DRAM to process 12 images into one using multi-frame noise reduction. Apple will likely take a similar approach this year and for future iPhones. If the Cupertino company ever decides to go with a triple-camera lens solution on the iPhone, it is definitely not going to be next year.

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Do smartphones like the Huawei P20 Pro intrigue you with their triple camera setup? What improvements would you like to see Apple make in future iPhones in terms of imaging performance?

[Via iDropNews]