Snap is Going to Test 6-Second Ads in Snapchat That Can’t be Skipped

Snap, the company behind the popular app Snapchat (which just launched new games on the platform), is still trying to find new ways to generate some regular profit.

Now, according to a report from Digiday with subsequent confirmation from Snap proper, one of the avenues that Snapchat is going to be left with is advertisements. Snapchat will soon be testing six-second advertisements inside its shows. These ads will be called “Commercials”, and Snap is basically testing the waters to find out just how many ads its users will watch on a regular basis.

The good news here is that these commercials are only going to live inside Snapchat’s shows, and won’t find their way over to the Discover section or in personal Stories. Based on the information within the report, it doesn’t sound like Snap intends on adding commercials to the more personal side of Snapchat, at least.

The commercials themselves will be “high-quality”, and be presented by major companies. There wasn’t any information on which companies will be on board with the new ads right out of the gate, however.

The Commercials will start cropping up sometime in the middle of next month.

Our Take

This is might be one of those “good news, bad news” situations, depending on how you look at it. The good news is the fact that these “Commercials” are only going to be present in the shows on the Snapchat platform. So if you don’t watch shows, you won’t see these six-second ads. The bad news is if you do watch shows, that’s six seconds you can’t skip. And depending on how many ads are present in a show, that might be a lot of unstoppable advertisements.

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