Apple Seeds tvOS 11.4 Beta 1 to Developers [Update: Public Beta Live]

Following the public launch of tvOS 11.3 late last week, Apple is moving ahead with a new developer beta to try out an upcoming software update.

Today, Apple officially seeded tvOS 11.4 to developers. This follows the public launch of tvOS 11.3 last week, which brought with it only minor updates and features to the mix. It is likely that this release will continue that trend, with tvOS 11.4 likely only meant to fix behind-the-scenes bugs that may have cropped up since the public launch of tvOS 11.3. The new software may also be meant to enhance the overall experience and add general improvements as well.

To update, developers must have the proper configuration profile installed, and the Apple TV set-top box must be connected to a computer so the pre-release software can be setup via Xcode. If the developer already has a registered fourth- or fifth-generation Apple TV, they can also turn on automatic updates, which will pull down the latest beta seed as well.

If Apple does add any new forward-facing features to tvOS 11.4, we will update this post accordingly.

As it stands, Apple does not typically release public betas of its tvOS software. For that reason, it is not likely that we will see a corresponding public beta of tvOS 11.4 any time soon. This software is meant specifically for developers, and should not be installed on set-top boxes that are not meant for testing purposes.

Update: The first public beta of tvOS 11.4 is now live.