Where Is Apple’s AirPower? Are You Still Waiting for Its Release?

iPhone X and AirPower

Back in September, when Apple first unveiled the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, it also unveiled AirPower. The wireless charger from the company was based on the Qi charging standard but came with its own set of improvements. The highlight of AirPower is the ability to wirelessly charge the iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch simultaneously.

Back then, Apple had promised to release AirPower in early 2018. Well, with the first quarter of 2018 gone, Apple has missed its promised deadline of releasing AirPower. There were rumors of the wireless charger launching in March but nothing panned out on that front. Apple did not even mention about AirPower in its Education event where it unveiled the new iPad with Apple Pencil support.

At this point, the most probable reason behind the AirPower delay is that Apple has run into some technical issues. Or Apple is waiting for the Qi consortium to accept its improvements to the wireless charging standard before it releases AirPower. The latter seems unlikely, though it is definitely plausible. Nonetheless, for people who have been waiting for AirPower right from day one, this is surely a frustrating wait with no idea on when it will end.

The delay in AirPower release shows that Apple should first ensure that all technical and regulatory issues are cleared before it gives an estimated timeframe for a product launch. AirPower is not the first product from Apple whose launch has been delayed. A similar story played out with the HomePod and AirPods as well. There’s no denying that these products are a technological marvel, but that’s no excuse for Apple to constantly delay or miss its promised release timeframe.

AirPower’s absence has only benefited third-party accessory makers who have released a variety of wireless chargers to fill its void.

Are you still waiting for Apple to release AirPower? Or frustrated with the delay, you have already purchased a third-party wireless charger for your iPhone 8/X?