Alleged Apple 18W USB-C Charger Render Leaks

An alleged rendering of Apple’s upcoming 18W USB-C to Lightning cable has leaked out. There have been no reports of Apple working on a new USB-C power adapter, but given the company does not already offer one, it does seem to be logical for it to offer one.

There have been rumors of Apple bundling a USB-C to Lightning adapter with its 2018 iPhones, and it is possible that the leaked render is of that charger.

With 18W output, the new charger would be able to charge the 2018 iPhones significantly charger. Even the 2017 iPhones, including the iPhone X and iPhone 8, come with fast charging support and when charged with a compatible USB-PD charger, they can be charged to 50 percent in just 30 minutes.

If Apple ends up including a USB-C charger with its 2018 iPhones, it would also have to bundle a USB-C to Lightning cable with them. This would ensure that MacBook Pro owners would be able to connect their iPhone to their Mac without having to buy a new cable.

Apple has long bundled a 5W charger with its iPhones that take hours to charge its devices to full. So, it is good to see the company finally working on this aspect. Let’s now just hope that Apple does not end up being greedy and continues to bundle a 5W charger with its 2018 iPhones and offers this new 18W USB-C charger as an accessory.

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