Report Says iOS 11 App Store Redesign Helps App Discoverability

Last month, a report stated that iOS 11’s App Store redesign helped boost featured app downloads by as much as 800%.

And it turns out the redesign that Apple introduced does quite a bit for discoverability, too. Sensor Tower has a new report out, stating that, overall, the redesign has boosted general downloads since its inception. The increased downloads come from better overall discoverability.

The data reveals that before the App Store redesign, “browse-driven” downloads accounted for around 10 percent of downloads. However, with the new design it has been boosted to 15%.

“Despite the growth in app discovery by browsing, searching for app by typing keywords into the search box is still, by far, the primary way consumers are finding and downloading new apps. Today, search accounts for 65 percent of downloads – well ahead of browse, referrals, or other methods.”

What’s more, the results show that this trend is holding fast through 2018. The search method of finding apps totals upwards of 65 percent of all downloads. It also depends on the category, with apps seeing the most results from search, while games find more downloads by iOS users just browsing the redesigned App Store.

Our Take

The iOS 11 App Store redesign has been a boon for both Apple and developers, apparently. These results indicate that the digital storefront makes finding content people actually want to download, which is good all around.

How often do you find yourself browsing the new App Store? Have you been downloading more content as a result of the change?

[via TechCrunch]