Apple Memo States iPhone Replacement Batteries Are in Stock, Ready to Ship ‘Without Delay’

Ever since Apple introduced its discounted battery replacement program, the news has been pretty consistent that batteries have been in short supply.

But it looks like Apple may have finally come out on the other side of that supply and demand situation. According to an internal memo distributed by Apple to its retail stores and Authorized Service Providers, which was picked up by MacRumors on Wednesday, the company is confirming “service inventory of all iPhone replacement batteries is now available without delay”. That memo was actually distributed on April 27.

What this means for customers is that Apple’s own retail stores, and the Authorized Service Providers out there can order the batteries for replacement and not face any extended delays when receiving them. However, it is worth noting that it doesn’t necessarily mean that those physical shops will have batteries on hand, ready to go as soon as you walk into the door and request a replacement. There might still be some wait time as the shop receives the order.

“The information that Apple shared in this internal memo likely applies worldwide, but as with any supply-demand situation, availability of replacement batteries will likely vary by Apple Store and region. Apple’s support website still notes that the replacement process may take up to five business days.”

Supply issues were certainly a problem for Apple. Back in January it was reported that replacements for the iPhone 6 Plus would be delayed until “late March”, and there have been some reports that the replacement process has not been going over all that well, even at Apple’s own retail stores.

So, if the supply issue has been met, then that’s good news for both Apple and iPhone owners looking to get their battery replaced.

Our Take

Fingers crossed that this doesn’t become an ongoing issue for Apple, where it seems to meet demand and then get backlogged again.

Did you replace your iPhone’s battery?

[via MacRumors]