Apple Removing Apps From the App Store that Send Location to Third-Parties

Apple has started cracking down on apps on the iOS App Store that send location data to third-parties. The company has been removing such apps from the App Store and then informing developers about their violation.

In its email to developers, Apple says that it found their app violating section 5.1.1 and 5.1.2 upon re-evaluation and thus removed them from the App Store. It mentions in the email that developers must remove all such third-party code and framework from their app which transmits user data to third-parties before resubmitting their app to the App Store.

Apple is also encouraging developers to ask explicit user confirmation before they transmit their data to someone else. It also wants them to provide information on how and where this data will be used. Apple recommends developers to only collect user location data for improving the user experience and enhancing the performance of their app.

Apple has always been strict about the privacy of its users, but in this case, the company’s actions can likely be attributed to the General Data Protection Regulation which would be enforced in the EU starting from May 25. You can read more about GDPR here.

If you are a developer whose app has been removed by Apple for sharing location data of users with third-parties, you should remove the frame or code pertaining to this and resubmit the app for listing again.