Apple is Shutting Down Texture for Windows to ‘Keep Things Working Smoothly’

Back in March of this year, Apple officially acquired the digital magazine service, Texture. At the time, the expectation was that Apple would be bolstering its own News platform after the deal closed.

But Texture’s presence was widespread, including a place on Microsoft’s desktop operating system, Windows. But those days are coming to an end, as reported on Friday by The Verge. Texture users on Windows have been receiving emails informing them that the service will be shutting down soon.

Specifically, the service’s last day will be June 30, saying “this app will stop working and will no longer be available in the Microsoft Store”. The company added on its website that the reason for the end of Windows support is to “keep things working smoothly”. Interestingly enough, Texture for Amazon Fire, Android, and, of course, iOS.

What’s worth pointing out here is that the Microsoft Texture app is littered with bad reviews, with users pointing out how poorly it works. And, as pointed out in the original report, it looks like it has not been updated in quite some time with any serious considerations. So this may be a situation that was a long time coming.

Our Take

Considering Texture isn’t shutting down for Amazon’s products or Android, it sounds like the Windows app was on the way out for a long while now. Maybe it comes back one day?

[via The Verge; Texture]