Apple Possibly Working on an iOS 11-like Redesign of the Mac App Store

iOS 11 App Store Toda tab

With iOS 11 last year, Apple gave the iOS App Store a major redesign. It was the biggest update to the App Store since its inception. Apart from the revamp, Apple also cleaned the store by removing hundreds of thousands of apps from the store. The move paid off as app discovery and downloads have reportedly increased by a significant margin. Now, it looks like Apple is planning on doing the same with the Mac App Store.

The Mac App Store first debuted in 2011 but unlike the iOS App Store, it has failed to catch up with developers and users. The App Store has been largely neglected by Apple over the years with little to no improvements made by Apple. However, with the next release of macOS, that is seemingly poised to change as Apple is working on a redesign of the Mac App Store similar to that of the iOS 11 App Store.

The information was revealed by John Gruber of Daring Fireball, though he failed to provide further details on this. Gruber has a solid track record of leaking Apple’s upcoming features and changes so there’s little reason to doubt this leak here. And a revamped macOS App Store does make sense as well. Apple has tried to maintain a feature parity between iOS and macOS off late, so with iOS 11 debuting a new revamped App Store, it only makes sense for the macOS App Store to get its own share of the limelight this year.

Apart from the redesign, let’s hope Apple also gets around to fixing other pain points of the Mac App Store which in turn will allow more developers to adopt it for their apps and games.

[Via Daring Fireball]