Facebook is Adding New Cloud Storage Features, Stories Archive, and Voice Posts

Facebook is bringing new features to the social networking platform, with one specifically tuned towards its Stories feature, while the others might have a more general audience appeal.

As was first reported on Wednesday by The Verge, Facebook is unveiling three new features that it hopes will have its users “create and save memories”. The new features are going to launch in India first, but Facebook does plan on a broader launch at some point in the future.

The first feature is called Voice Posts. This will let Facebook users quickly share voice messages between one another. This means folks won’t actually have to make a phone call to get in touch, and it sounds like these will be designed to be quick and easy to share.

The other feature is the ability to archive Facebook Stories before they expire in the standard 24 hours. This is a similar feature to what Facebook introduced with Instagram last year, so it isn’t too surprising to see it pop up in the Facebook app proper. Even if Stories haven’t taken off in that social space as they have in Instagram.

Finally, the marquee feature is cloud storage for photos and videos that are taken with the built-in Facebook camera app. They will automatically be saved to the individual’s account, and they won’t be visible to anyone else until they decide to share them publicly. If they decide to at all. The more interesting part is the storage available to users, with the original report stating, “If there’s a capacity limit to the new storage options, Facebook doesn’t mention it”.

As aforementioned, these new features are rolling out first in India, and they will be available soon to a broader audience around the globe.

Our Take

These are some great features in general, but should go over very well in India. That cloud storage option, though, if it is unlimited, is a nice bonus, too. Of course, you’ll need to use the stock Facebook camera, which might not appeal to some folks.

[via The Verge]