Google to ‘Soft Launch’ YouTube Music Next Week; YouTube Red Being Replaced by YouTube Premium

YouTube Red

YouTube will be launching a new version of its music service called YouTube Music next week where it will be offering customers access to on-demand music and its original content. The service will replace YouTube Red, which offered a similar service and even removed ads from all the videos on the platform. 

However, Google is going to replace YouTube Red with YouTube Music and increase the subscription price as well. Like YouTube Red, YouTube Music subscription cost will be $9.99/month and provide you with access to ad-free music along with the ability to listen to them in the background and download them for offline playback.

However, unlike the former, YouTube Music will not remove ads from all YouTube videos, provide access to original content from YouTube like “Cobra Kai”, or let you play videos in the background. Instead, for that, users will have to spend an additional 2$ per month thereby bringing the total subscription cost of YouTube Music with all its bells and whistles to $11.99.

YouTube is expected to ‘soft launch’ YouTube Music next week on Tuesday.

It remains to be seen if the launch of YouTube Music will lead Google to shut down Google Play Music, its dedicated music streaming service platform. There have been reports of Google shutting down Play Music eventually as both services end up offering the same functionality. YouTube Music, however, will likely become more popular than Play Music in a short time as it has a wider brand recognition among consumers.

Google never got around to offering YouTube Red across all major markets of the world, so it remains to be seen if it will follow a similar policy with YouTube Music as well or not.

[Via Re/code]