Samsung’s Latest Galaxy S9 Ad Continues to Go After the Notch, Adds iPhone Throttling

Samsung’s marketing for its smartphones usually has Apple in them in some way or another, and that trend continues with its latest advertisement.

Today, Samsung published a video entitled “Moving On”. It is one minute long, and in it Samsung manages to cover a variety of topics, including some it’s no stranger to, and others it’s including in the mix for the first time in any major meaningful way. Of course, an easy fallback for Samsung is the notch, which Apple introduced (after the Essential Phone launched) with the iPhone X late last year. And, since then, we have seen a variety of companies copy Essential and Apple, but obviously Apple gets the majority of backlash for the notch and its mass adoption, so Samsung’s not going to stop calling out the notch — even if it means calling out its fellow Android smartphone manufacturers, too.

The part of the ad that might seem a tad ridiculous is when Samsung gets to iPhone throttling. In an effort to show just how powerful the brand new Galaxy S9 is, it shows how slow the iPhone 6 is thanks to Apple’s throttling efforts. The trouble is that the throttling shown in the ad is obviously exaggerated to the nth degree. The boarding pass moment is especially egregious.

Here’s the ad itself:

Samsung isn’t a stranger to trying to bash Apple directly in its ads, and this ad is definitely no different.

Our Take

Like a lot of Samsung ads in the past, this one feels desperate. Maybe more so, considering the lengths Samsung’s trying to show how slow an iPhone 6. But it’ll probably work for Samsung.