Snapchat Rolls Out 6-Second Ads Users Can’t Skip

Last month, it was reported that Snapchat was planning on rolling out advertisements that users couldn’t skip.

At the time, it was known that the six-second videos would launch sometime in the middle of this month, and that they would only be appearing within Snapchat’s original “Shows”, and wouldn’t be present in the user-generated Stories that the platform is so well known for these days. And both of those things have come to fruition.

AdAge reported today that Snap’s “Commercials”, the six-second videos that users can’t skip, are now playing in the middle of the platform’s original shows. These ads are showing off brands like Samsung and the Galaxy S9, the drink Snapple, and movies like the upcoming Deadpool 2 and Tag.

“The new ads appear like commercials in the middle of a show, similar to TV, a medium Snapchat has tried to emulate but update for the mobile age.”

The fact that Snap is rolling out ads that can’t be skipped is in line with the company’s goals to be more approachable to brands. However, the ads don’t actually link to anything. Not even the advertiser’s website. They’re simply ephemeral six-second videos that disappear when they finish. So just how lucrative these ads will be for companies remains to be seen.

Our Take

The good news is that Snap appears to only want these commercials as part of its original content initiative, and doesn’t plan on forcing them into user Stories. As long as that doesn’t change, these ads will probably not anger the Snapchat user base too much. Six seconds isn’t too long, so if you’re a fan of a Show on the platform, the brief interruption might not be too bad.

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