Twelve South’s AirFly Adapter Lets You Use AirPods With ‘Any Wired Headphone Jack’

If you have been using Apple’s truly wireless headphones, the AirPods, as your only go-to headphone option since their launch, you may have run into an issue where a third-party accessory only supported a standard wired connection, which may be pretty frustrating.

Those instances may include while you were on a flight with in-flight entertainment, or even when you’ve wanted to listen to what’s on the gym’s cardio machine’s TV audio. Well, the popular Apple accessory maker Twelve South has a fix for those situations. It’s called the AirFly and it’s an adapter that connects to those standard 3.5mm audio jacks with a small Bluetooth accessory on the other end, letting you connect your AirPods, or any other standard wireless, Bluetooth-enabled headphones.

Getting it to work is pretty straightforward: You will need to connect the AirPods (or your other Bluetooth headphones) to the AirFly accessory, then just plug it into the headphone jack-equipped equipment. That means you will be able to listen to that movie playing on your next flight, or listen to what’s on the TV while you’re working out — without having to actually connect your wired headphones to anything.

The AirPlay accessory is about the same size as the AirPods charging case, so it’s pretty small. It comes with a charging cable as well, and Twelve South says the device can last eight hours on a single charge.

The AirFly from Twelve South is available beginning today and it costs $39.99.

Our Take

This is a pretty fantastic idea, and coming from Twelve South it should be a pretty solid accessory that works well. I love my AirPods and I use them all the time, and knowing I can still use them even when a 3.5mm headphone jack is typically required is awesome.

Do you think you’ll pick up an AirFly?

[via Twelve South]