Valve Announces Steam Link and Steam Video Apps for iOS

Steam Logo

Expanding further on its promise to offer the best experience to gamers, Valve has announced the arrival of Steam Link, an app that lets you access your Steam library from an iOS device. You will either need to have an ethernet cable plugged into your host PC/Mac or use a 5 GHz network to access this feature. So basically a gaming rig which is connected to the same network as your iOS device.

The second app, known as Steam Video, provides thousands of multimedia content for streaming. Since offline playback is a crucial part of streaming services, the service will offer this feature by default. Content can be streamed using LTE or Wi-Fi.

The company mentions that the Steam Link app will be available for download starting the week of May 21, while Steam Video will be available over the summer with no precise launch timeframe mentioned as of yet.

Both apps will be available for free on both Android and iOS platforms. Steam Link might only function (as expected) on newer iOS hardware, but the concern is greater for Android smartphones given the vast number of devices out there.

[Via Steam]